Ramotion Releases Pick’n’Roll Dribbble App for iPad

Ever so lately, designers and developers alike have been noticing a void. No apps for Dribbble, the biggest social network for creatives. Yes, Dribbble’s site is now responsive and all, but where were the native iOS apps? Then, the trend started. First, with our own David Keegan‘s Play by Play app for the Mac.

Now, Ramotion has just announced the release of their free Dribbble app for the iPad: Pick’n’Roll.

Pick’n’Roll is a creative iPad Dribbble client. Dribbble is show and tell for designers. Users share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. This application has attractive interface, sounds, animations, multi-touch gestures and a lot of love from Ramotion team.

The app is completely FREE! We love Dribbble so much and this app is our present for those who love this website and advertise it for people who never heard about this amazing community for creatives.

So go get your Dribbble on. Pick’n’Roll is available now in the

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