SimpleSafe: Secure Password Management

SimpleSafe is a simple self-hosted password and credential management app for web teams built by Humaan. It aims to be the solution to a common problem amongst web folk: a secure application to store passwords & credentials for web projects that’s easy to access and available to multiple people.

The idea came about from their own experience:

We had been using a spreadsheet to manage this data, which we found incredibly cumbersome, unintuitive and slow. We felt that a web based solution would provide for a much more intuitive experience and allow users to access the app from anywhere.

The app is self-hosted. You can install it on a local machine, a web server or wherever you see fit and don’t need to worry about someone else looking after your precious data. It’s completely customizable and you can set your own data fields and add as many site profiles as you like. You can add unlimited users, and control their access. The app makes it easy to filter through your profiles, has a one click copy to clipboard across all data fields and all passwords are encrypted and masked from view.

It’s great to see teams building software that solves problems for themselves. It means they’ll be passionate about getting it right. Undoubtedly there will be others with the same exact problem, and that problem ends up getting solved for them as well.

If you’d like to know when SimpleSafe will launch, head over to their website and add your email to be notified.

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