INDUSTRY ASKS: You make websites too? What editor do you use?

INDUSTRY ASKS: You make websites too? What editor do you use?

Feb 10, 2012 Opinions

Once a week, we ask you, the audience, a question related to design and technology. Then, we use your responses as data/stats for an article the following Monday. Sounds interesting, right? It is! Expect questions, polls, competitions and much more. Just another way for us to build a connection. So without further adieu, here’s this weeks poll!

 Industry Asks: You make websites too? What editor do you use?

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  • Rick Roberts

    How to answer the poll? Twitter? Comments? Clicking the image gives a progress spinner, but nothing happens.

    • Jared Erondu

      Click the bubble.

  • Brady J. Frey

    Dreamweaver… and yet, no BBEdit? For shame:).

  • Loubna Aggoun

    I use and view the result directly in the browser.

  • Chocolat

    SimpleText on OS 9!

  • fjpoblam

    BBEdit without a doubt.

  • Tehprojectx

    Espresso. Just awesome.

  • CJ Melegrito

    Espresso. All the way.

  • Brady Valentino

    Espresso all the way.

  • Brian Purkiss

    I currently use Espresso and LOVE it.

    Worth noting that Smultron is a free one that I used to use. Pretty good one for being free. But then again, that was several years ago. Not sure how it compares anymore.

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  • Marc Edwards

    Coda + Espresso (for CSS editing).

  • Paul Leon Mederos

    Coda + TextMate. If I’m doing straight-up front-end, I’m working with Coda. If I’m integrating at all with a back-end, I pop open TextMate.

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