PaintCode: Paint Cocoa Drawing Code

PaintCode is a great new Mac app that helps bridge the gap between developers and designers by allowing users to paint their drawing code. Create vector shapes, apply layer styles and PaintCode generates all the drawing code for you. It can generate for both OS X and iOS, and allows you to preview your work at standard or retina resolution, just in time for the new retina iPad!

PaintCode isn’t a replacement for Photoshop or Fireworks, the layer styles are limited to what can be done in code and the vector tools aren’t yet there for extremely complex shapes and subpixel tweaking. That being said, I was still able to recreate the debuts icon from Play by Play.

Having written drawing code for the Mac and iOS, PaintCode is a huge win. There have been plenty of times that I’ve created an image in Photoshop for something that I knew could be drawn in code, but I just didn’t want to take the time to type it out by hand – not anymore. PaintCode has filled a hole in my app design and development process and will definitely change the way I build apps.

As for you? Try PaintCode for free for 15 days and learn more about it at


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