Sketch 2 — Coming Soon

Lo and behold — what are the guys over at

Just a few days ago, Emanuel Sá over at Dribbble posted up a teaser shot and a webpage of what is apparently Bohemian Coding’s most ambitious project to date. Dubbed over with its tagline as “The designer’s toolbox”, the sequel to Bohemian Coding’s infinite-canvas, feature-packed, vector-drawing app for the Mac looks as if it is a direct competitor to Adobe’s own vector-drawing app, Illustrator.

Bohemian Coding, if you’ve never heard of them before, is a company that’s been developing great, good-looking apps since 2008. In fact, they’re the very same company that made Fontcasea beautiful replacement app to Mac OS X’s default Font Book app, and is also the awardee of a 2009 Apple Design Award.

Besides Fontcase, Sketch (the predecessor to the upcoming sequel) in its entirety is a wonderful and useful app on its own, and it makes a great companion if you find yourself having to draw a lot of vectors (for example, designing an icon set) and then having to paste them in to add layer styles into Photoshop.

If Sketch 2 includes Photoshop’s handy slew of graphic-design related features, then Bohemian Coding’s brand new app could replace Adobe’s own.

So, having used Sketch before, and being a general fan of Bohemian Coding’s wonderful taste in good user-interface design, I have a proud feeling this brand new app, Sketch 2, will be as it is called, “the designer’s toolbox”.

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