The “Greif” has launched his eBook, Step by Step UI Design

When Sacha Greif, a designer and writer based in Paris, launched his eBook last week, it received a lot of buzz. Greif is well-known for his personal blog, designing French startup Sharypic, and his freelance job board startup, Folyo.

His first book is called Step by Step UI Design and covers how to design a user interface from scratch. Greif uses his open-source chat application, Kandan (which is still in development) as an example. In the 43 page book, he outlines every step a designer can take along the way. The entire eBook covers the following topics:

In this eBook, I’ll take you through my process for designing 

After reading a sample chapter, you can grab the book in one of two packages. The “regular edition,” priced at $5.99, comes with the PDF eBook and PNG files. The “deluxe edition,” priced at $11.99,” comes with the PDF eBook, PNGs, and the full-layered PSD. But here’s the thing, there are only 12.7 million copies left! So you better act quickly! You can buy Greif’s eBook on his site.

WE HAVE 5 COPIES! If you’re interested in getting one, leave a comment mentioning your favorite small UI detail!

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