DevRocket – A must have Photoshop plugin for iOS developers

When I design for iOS, I abide by some standards, entering them manually every time: 1024px for the iPad and 480px for the iPhone. After the mockups, the pain comes when importing into XCode and so on, then things become complex and get out of hand. Sad story, right? Well the guys over at UIParade have created a plugin called DevRocket for making designing for iOS applications easier, and it’s fully retina compatible. Currently supporting CS5, the plugin speeds up your work-flow and makes everything look like it should.

After launching the plugin, choose between landscape and portrait mode for the iPhone or iPad. It also includes all the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a tool like a grid, some rulers, and the navigation bar. These options give the designer a new feel as a user to ‘know’ when their application is right. Also, on the same canvas, it gives you the options to design in both resolutions, which helps you know how everything will appear on different iOS devices. DevRocket also puts those handy UI snips for later, saving time when using XCode and plugging in your awesome designs.

One of the plugin’s biggest features is DevRocket’s ability to automatically apply the @2x at the end of the file name when you save your Retina display graphics. Not to mention, a one-click to create icon canvases for all the icon artwork sizes required when designing an iOS app in Xcode.

All in all, this is one handy plugin for Photoshop that just about any iOS designer should pick up for $10. When combined with Skala Preview, you’re all set to go! Also, check out all the awesome stuff on UIParade’s homepage!

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