Flipboard Inspired Page Layout Made With CSS3

Codrops calls it Pageflip, I call it amazing. This page layout, inspired by Flipboard, is just another example of the limitless realm of web design. Combing the powers of CSS3 and JQuery, Codrops has made a webpage one can literally flip. With your mouse acting as the finger, click on the page and swipe. I can’t explain it any other way. The experiment works in webkit browsers, and is responsive/adaptive to the browser window. Pretty nifty. From Codrops:

Today we want to share an experimental 3D layout with you. It’s inspired by the famous Flipboard app where a seamlessly “normal” page flips like a page in a book when swiped. We’ve tried to re-create that effect using CSS 3D transforms and JavaScript, making a layout that is “flippable” and responsive. While the swiping makes sense for touch devices, dragging will do for normal browsers.

You can view the demo of this experiment, find it on Github, or download the source code. Go check it out now!

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