Helvetica Superheroes, Seriously

We all love typography. It adds class to any design. Now, one of the most renowned san-serif fonts has been turned into a collection of superheros. Well, sort of.

French design student René Mambembe turned the entire Helvetica alphabet into our favorite childhood superheroes and villains. From Alien to Zangief, and everything in between (yes, that includes the main characters from The Avengers), Mambembe has then covered while maintaining the unique characteristics of each letter/character.

Consider this a great tool for an introduction to any typography class, even for children.

Now if after viewing this, you, for whatever reason, become totally obsessed with this typography collection and demand prints, Mambembe is offering them on Behance. Well, at least for the letters C (Captain America), H (Hellboy), O (Mr. Octopus), and S (Spiderman). Take a look!

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