The Industry has been featured in Flud

Just one month after our feature in Pulse, The Industry has joined Flud as a featured source! Flud is a new kind of social news reader where everyone has a news personality. Follow the blogs and news sources that interest you (that includes us, naturally), and share with your friends with one tap. It’s that simple! Not to mention, the app looks great and it’s free.

For the first time ever, the things you read about give you topical credibility among your friends and followers. Beautiful design, simple user interface, and integrated social settings make Flud the best place to read your news.

Customize Flud to your personal tastes. Follow all your favorite blogs and news sites, save stories to read when you have time or offline, Flud articles you love, connect with friends and other Fluders who share your interests. Your Flud profile allows you to discover your news personality and become a credible source of information.

When you launch Flud and navigate to “manage sources,” you’ll see the featured sources section and will notice a familiar logo with a byline you can nearly recite: “The Industry – A new voice, highlighting design focused startups & people.” That’d be us. Add us and you’re set!

We’re big fans of Flud and its team. In fact, it’s founder & CEO Bobby Ghoshal, has written an article on our site about how two small design changes tripled his app’s user engagement.

So without further adieu, download and launch Flud. Not only will you enjoy our content, but you’ll love the great app it’s featured in.

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