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Organized Wonder is a socially-curated list of “talks, documentaries, interviews, short films and various other videos scattered across the web.” Launched by design wunderkind Sawyer Hollenshead just a few days ago (right before finals week, no less), the site has already amassed links to a wide variety of videos that enlighten, edify, and inspire.

The Organized Wonder Homepage

Let’s face it, the internet can be a wasteland. A million monkeys banging away at a million typewriters has not produced the works of Shakespeare: instead, we find ourselves buried in a desert of cat videos, YouTube comments, and Twitter spam. Finding anything of legitimate value is a feat unto itself, and we’re among the blessed few who even know how to look for content beyond the Yahoo homepage.

Organized Wonder provides an escape from all that drivel. So far, the quality of content posted has been impressively high, and most of the videos would be of interest to designers and other creatives. There are conference talks, short documentaries, interviews — enough to keep a curious person occupied for hours. Even better, these are not the kind of videos that make you feel drained after watching; you’ll emerge re-energized towards your own creative endeavors.

The promise of the internet was that, once content was democratized, the cream would rise to the top. Though we may have lost our way, sites like Organized Wonder are doing their part to recapture that worthwhile dream. It’s well worth your time to visit.

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