The Toolbox – all the useful utilities you need, in one place

Enjoy our post last week, CSS Arrow, please, detailing the great online tool to help create CSS arrows?

Well, Sacha Greif did. In fact, he enjoyed the post so much, it compelled him to create Toolbox – a collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web. It’s the place to go to browse for single-purpose utilities which will save you time, no matter which craft you practice – web design, graphic design or even writing. I found a ton of great sites (and was reminded of even more) such as Subtle Patterns, Lorem Pixel – amongst many others. Needless to say, Toolbox is now bookmarked.

Sacha Greif talked about The Toolbox on The Industry Radio Show recorded today. It’ll be released as a podcast next week – be sure to subscribe in iTunes to hear some of the back story about the site and find out more about Sacha as well as what’s currently happening in The Industry (and the combo of both).

For the time being, check out The Toolbox and discover great utilities to help you out!

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