WorkFu: Connecting Talented People with Great Opportunities

The process of finding good jobs in just about any industry is, for the most part, a really painful experience. Searching is a mess and most services that claim to do this well are fostering such awful overall experiences that it’s difficult to tell whether they’re actually dealing out useful information or not. Thankfully some folks in our line of work have noticed this issue and are crafting much better ways to connect those talented folks with those awesome companies.

WorkFu is the latest to tackle this issue. They’ve been live to a certain extent for a while now, but just recently launched a second, and really very key aspect to their service.

WorkFu was initially a place to post an online résumé of sorts. We’ll talk about this in more detail shortly, but essentially a place to create a profile to allow for prospective employers to find you. They’ve now launched the flip side of this interaction by allowing businesses to post opportunities. This is extremely cool because they’ve enclosed the entire process within the application. And it’s a beautiful application to boot. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how WorkFu works.

Finding Opportunities

WorkFu has the core mission of connecting those looking for talented people with those talented people. A huge part of this is the profile that each individual person must complete.


It’s fairly basic and includes your contact information, a short bio and a professional bio. Both of these are length restricted which forces you to choose your works carefully.


Another core aspect to your profile is defining keywords that are associated with you and your expertise, interests and skill-set. Some suggestions will be made for you and you can add any that you don’t see available. The interface to adding keywords is dead simple. It’s very easy to quickly add all sorts of relevant keywords.

Next we’re able to connect with other networks. It’s pretty straight-forward in practice, but WorkFu enables this functionality in a very elegant manner. Connecting to your other networks is very easy and I’ll even say that the list of available connection options seems quite large and nearly all-encompassing (once the remaining four become functional).


A sort of unexpected, yet still pretty cool feature of WorkFu is the ability to maintain a reading list. It is just another way for potential employers or co-workers to get a better sense of who you are. Is it completely necessary? No, it definitely isn’t, but I’d still argue it’s a nice touch and like just about every other aspect of this app it’s implementation is thoughtfully designed.


That covers all of the bases to ensure that we have a useful profile completed. Profiles can, of course, be edited and updated whenever needed.


I think just about anyone that has been in the job market searching for a job would say that the process can be quite terrible. WorkFu has done a couple things to help better match the prospective employer with their perfect match without much human intervention.


The first thing that you’ll notice is the FuScore. This is comprised of keyword relevance combined with your connections within Twitter. It’s aim is to give you, the job searcher, some insight into the best opportunities for you based on what you defined as who you are as well as who your friends are.

It’s a pretty interesting way to get that initial filter completed when you’re starting a job search. Immediately you’re able to see those opportunities that make the most sense for you. There is some smoke and mirrors going on with the Twitter connection aspect of this, but as far as I can tell it works quite well. Like anything else similar to this it isn’t fool proof and you can still apply to a job that assigns a 10% match to you if you’d like.


Each opportunity listing has a profile page quite similar to an individual profile page except this time the business and position is being explained. You’ll also see some other similar opportunities being offered for you to view as well.


One really cool aspect to this component is that you can essentially apply for a position with one click. A pre-populated message has been created for you (which you can customize if you want to) and all you have to do is press the large green button to send off the message and officially apply for the opportunity.

Now the entire process can be handled directly under one roof. A messages section handles all the back and forth between you and your opportunities.

Creating an Opportunity

On the flip side of this entire process is the person or business looking for talent. Thankfully the process to create a listing is quite possibly even more simple than creating a profile.


A similar form with the opportunity information will be completed and then keywords must be selected. These are very important as they are a crucial item in matching the opportunity with the correct individual.


An employer can manage all of their open opportunities here and see how they are fairing in the WorkFu community and deal with communicating with applicants right within the same dashboard. Now, I haven’t done a lot of job posting in my day, but I have to say, this seems pretty fantastic.

Another added bonus from the employer side is that individuals will be suggested based on the opportunity posting and how it was completed. So not only does WorkFu make it easier for the right people to find you, it even delivers some to you before they can even find you themselves.


Final Thoughts

The job search process is awful. The process of finding good, talented people can also be pretty awful. Hey, maybe it would make sense to line these two parties up and make it super easy to connect with the correct folks? That’s really what WorkFu has done in an oversimplified nutshell. They’ve built a platform that makes the process better for both parties. Everyone benefits.

I mentioned it a few times as I was going through the processes, but it’s worth reiterating. WorkFu is beautifully designed. It’s wonderful to look at and on top of that really functional and intuitive. Bringing those two components together isn’t an easy thing to do in any application category let alone this one.

Overall, I’m very excited to see WorkFu grow and I’m very excited about the prospects of this service. If you’re not already a member I would highly suggest you hop on over and set a profile up for yourself. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And hey, you might even stumble on the perfect job while you’re there.

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