Create Beautiful Webpages Instantly with Smore

As delicious as the name sounds, Smore is one of the many great web services out there that handle the odd job of making webpage flyers, posters, invitations, newsletters and even webpages for products and apps. However, what makes Smore so special is that they designed the service to be incredibly easy and a joy to use. The video below just shows that.

Meet Smore

It begins with signing up for free, either through Facebook or email, and right there you’re already given the option to start creating a flyer. Through Smore’s available templates, you can make an event invitation for your next big web conference or designers meetup, a webpage for a product to be sold such as your grandmother’s favorite apple pie, a personal flyer, a page for a business or a store, a newsletter, and even a page for that quick app your friend made. Currently, however, Smore is working on a template suited for promotional flyers (such as ads or coupons), though aside from that, and the other templates, you can start from scratch with a blank template.


As soon as you’ve chosen your template, Smore brings you right into the gist of the page-making. On first impression, the interface looked bulky and slow, however as soon as you start using it, you’ll find that it’s actually incredibly easy to use. It’s also fast and fluid, and the helpful tooltips get you going through your page from start to finish.

The content editor is great, because as soon as you finish editing, Smore gives you a “What You See Is What You Get” view of your page right in the editor. It’s a real joy to use too, because the content editor features a rich text editor that can format italics, bold, links and lists — and activate them through keyboard shortcuts. Aside from text editing, the content editor features a fluid layout manager, which makes adding, shifting, editing and resizing content incredibly easy. There’s also a tool bar which gives you about 8 options to add the most typical content to your flyers, although there are many possibilities since there are many variations and combinations of the content you place.

After you’ve entered in your content, you can still tweak and arrange the layout to you liking. Selectors on the left and right of the content can tweak the arrangement of your information to make the page even more easily customizable.

If you’re already happy with the layout, but you’re not liking the default template colors, fonts and the background image, Smore gives you the option to change each item. Although you don’t have the full ability to change the fonts, upload a background image and fine-tune the colors, you can readily select from Smore’s default options. The font choices are great, too, however a little more variety would be far more impressive. If you’re a little too choosy and you can’t decide with the default stacks, you can select to change the page’s overall theme.

Even More Options

When you’re ready and when you’ve reviewed your changes, you can publish your page with a click. What Smore does is that it gives you a shortlink so you are able to share the page itself to your friends or over on Twitter, send it through a mailing list as an email (perfect for newsletters), share it as a page on Facebook, or even embed it on a website. On your page’s dashboard, you can also adjust the page’s settings to turn off social comments and sharing buttons, and even use your own custom domain. You can also tweak privacy settings to make sure it isn’t indexed by Search Engines or in contrast, have the page made “optimized to get as many visitors as possible”. Also, Smore comes with its own simple and intuitive analytics tracker, Smore also gives you the ability to add your Google Analytics code, to keep your own track of your page’s analytics. You can also edit your page anytime, even after it’s published.

A live, working demo of the final published page can be viewed here.


Smore isn’t ideal for those that need more advanced options, and for those that want complete control over their design. However, it does make a great tool for quick page publishing, and is indeed much more intuitive and easier to use than the standard, overpriced (yet slightly more advanced) desktop app. Even though it’s still in beta, Smore is free to use, so go check it out now.

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