Draft.im is a new, simple way to get a Dribbble invite

Getting a Dribbble invite is hard. The community is very close-knit, and if you aren’t constantly searching for the keywords ‘Dribbble invite’ on Twitter, there’s little chance that you’ll get one. Draft.im is trying to change that painful process by giving you a place to show off your work, so players with invites will see your skills. All you have to do is submit a 400 x 300 screenshot of your best work, and upload it along with links to your portfolio and Twitter account.

Don’t get the wrong idea though; Draft.im isn’t trying to replace Dribbble, or any other design network, for that matter. Instead, the founders, ThomElliot, and Davey, want it to be a place for players to invite quality prospects to Dribbble.

The site’s interface is simply beautiful. The header is clean, with two buttons on the right entitled Submit and About. Below the dark header, there are buttons that allow you to toggle the view with a smooth transition. The shots themselves are very simple. A white border surrounds each image, in the style of Dribbble, and the hover overlay shows the creator’s name, as well as links to their Twitter account and portfolio. Most important is the Draft Now button, which immediately takes you to the prospect’s Dribbble page. The whole experience is minimal, responsive, and Retina-ready, making it a great way to get an invite.

Draft.im is an innovative way to give and get Dribbble invites, so why not check it out and “get in the game?”

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