Postgggame – A Weekly Dribbble Shot Review Column

Well I’m back writing for The Industry and it feels great to be back with a brand new weekly column about one of my favorite websites, Dribbble!

In this article, I’ll be picking 4 shots that caught my eye during the week and then writing about why I picked them, what works, what doesn’t work, all that good stuff we care so much about.

As with all our articles, leave your comments below to discuss the post and let me know what you think. You can also suggest shots by emailing me at I’ll be collecting shots throughout the week in my Industry bucket on Dribbble, so you can get a sense of what’s coming up, see previous picks, and shots that I liked but didn’t make the cut.

For our first week, we’ve got some great shots!

Contacts by Bart Ebbekink

My first pick is Contacts by Bart Ebbekink

What I loved

I love minimalist interfaces and this one is just that, I also really like dark UIs. There are very subtle patterns at play in the title bar and in the main part of the UI that at first glance don’t standout but give the interface a really nice richness. The large circular avatar does a good job of breaking up the large main UI and creating some nice negative space. It really stands out and is the first thing your eyes see when you look at the design. The next thing to catch your eye is the blue selected area. This is a rich deep blue that fits in well with the overall dark color scheme. The icons and buttons at the bottom are great too. I love how the selected button has a slight glow on the bottom, so subtle but still makes it pop and stand out as “selected.” This shot is technically flawless and is a nice take on a minimal contacts app.

My Critique

My only criticisms would be with the phone and gear icon. The phone shape feels a bit off to me and the aliasing on the diagonal spokes make them feel disconnected from the main gear body. This aliasing issue makes the gear look like it’s two rotated squares on top of each other.

Young Necromancer by Lillian Duermeier

Next up we change gears a bit (like that pun?) to an illustration shot that didn’t get that many likes unfortunately. This was a debut shot by Lillian Duermeier

What I loved

I picked this shot because I love the style, colors, and the triangle on her face. it’s so cool looking! I really enjoy all the line work in this piece, in her hair and shoulders. The styling of her face is really interesting and I think it’s what attracted me to this shot in the first place. I love the depiction of her nose and eyes. The lines going from her nose up onto her brow looks great and I particularly like her eyes peering out of the shadow around them. Then the triangle “war paint” on top of all of it makes for some really interesting geometry. Last the skull adds a bit of whimsy, helps complete the illustration, and forces your eyes to look at everything.

NYC Transit App Icon by Shubham Kedia

This great looking NYC Transit App Icon

What I loved

What I like about this icon is how much information there is but how nicely it all fits together with great use of color. I love the city scape that fades off into the distance with progressively lighter shades of blue. Cityscapes are usually two colors and only have one row of building silhouettes, but in this icon the buildings are given a styling often reserved for rolling blue mountains. Also the use of iconic NYC buildings like the Empire State Building make this icon instantly understandable. I think that simple subway glyph is done really well. It’s clean, readable, and has some nice depth with the tracks coming toward the viewer. Finally the red and yellow line at the bottom really jumped out at me as a great element in this icon. It conveys a feeling of the lines on a subway map and the two colors give a nice sense of traveling, that we are observing this subway line in the midst of going somewhere.

My Critique

The only thing I would change about this icon is I am not fond of where the red and yellow lines overlap. I like the rounded line end but I don’t like that some of the red is showing through like the yellow line is transparent. It forms a little circle that just rubs me the wrong way. But it’s subtile and doesn’t detract from the rest of the icon.

“BT” Badges Screen by Gert Tzafa

Last but not least, my favorite of this weeks’ column entry: "BT" Badges Screen by Gert Tzafa

What I loved

This shot is amazing! Make sure to check out the full sized screenshot to see it in all its astonishing detail. I love the colors and again I’m a sucker for dark UIs, they just feel so rich and make bright colors, like the ones used in the badges, pop. These badges are great too, each one worthy of the popular shot list, some of them have even been on there by themselves. My favorite part of this shot is that instead of stacking all the badges, they have slots that they fill giving the user a desire to, you know, fill them all. The silhouette of each badge is different creating really interesting shapes and empty spaces.

Well that’s it for this week’s pick of shots. This is just a sampling of the amazing work that can be found everyday on Dribbble. I hope you enjoyed my picks and my insights on them. And as always, if you have any suggestions on how to improve this column, what you’d like to see added and the rest, let me know! Stay tuned for more Postgaaame coverage!

‘Til next time,


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