Postgggame #007 – Design Fall

What a great week on Dribbble. It was hard to make the selections for this week’s post because there was so much great work coming out of the design community! But in the end, only four could be chosen. Still, however, be sure to check out my Industry bucket for this post to see all the great shots that didn’t make it.

Oh, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but we’ve done a little re-branding on the title of this post to make it a little more Dribbbly. So let the Postgggame begin!

Here’s a trendwhore for the dark side.

First up is a great Skype concept titled, “Here's a trendwhore for the dark side. by Vaibhav

What I loved

I love the lighting in this shot, which is what jumped out at me and why it made the cut for this week. We’ve seen glowing half circle indicators before, but I can’t recall seeing such nice lighting around them. The lighting looks like that of an art gallery and where it’s being used in this design ties in great with the aforementioned aesthetic. The main lights are over the avatar images, which are also reminiscent of art hanging on a wall with their white frames.

The dark interface color makes everything else pop, and the lighting really draws your attention to the key parts of the interface.

I’ve said it before, I’m a sucker for dark user interfaces and this one is fantastic!

My Critique

My only critique for this shot is that the “Favorite contacts (26)” text is quite hard to read as it’s near black on black.

Quicktime Player

Next up are these great Quicktime Player by Ollin

What I loved

These icons are awesome. They are so clean and polished that I want them on my dock! I particularly like the front grayish one. The shading on the “Q” is so modern and clean. I love the purple glow emanating and spilling out on the inner part of the circle.

I also like the black version as well. Again, I like how clean and simple it is. I also like that it’s the same exact shape, but with different styling. Gives for two perspectives, or color takes on one icon. The gloss really works well on this darker version and the blue core complements the black nicely.

San Francisco Lettering

San Francisco Lettering by Marcelo Schultz

What I loved

Make sure to check out the full-sized version of this piece. I love this shot! There are so many layers at play here and so much detail and volume to the shapes.

This is taking lettering to a whole ‘nother dimension, literally. All the curls and shaping give it a wood carving feel. I really like the shadowing everywhere. It’s very soft and diffuse, yet at the same time there’s so much going on that it’s just what’s needed. If the shadows were more harsh I think it’d be too much to look at and overwhelm this intricate work of art.

My Critique

My only critique is that it’s hard to read, but this isn’t quite that important for a shot like this because it’s suppose to be beautiful and somewhat abstract. Still, I’d be curious to see the letters in a different color than the rest of the shapes to help them pop.

Seal on Business Cards

Last we have some stellar looking business cards that are certain to make Patrick Bateman jealous. This shot is by Seal on Business Cards by Jeremy Loyd

What I loved

I’m crazy about the seal in the middle and how it’s colorless. It’s great that the imprint lets the change in texture from the compressed paper and the way it catches the light do all the work of making it an interesting visual element.

I don’t know much about letter-press, but from looking at this card I assume there are different ways to do it to achieve different bevels. For example, the seal seems shallow with a very tight bezel edge. Where as the lettering (the phone number at the bottom, for example), appears to be deeper and has a much softer bezel. This produces a great visual impact and distinguishes the elements which makes the entire card interesting to look at.

I also like the back of the card. I like that it’s very visually different and more abstract making it clearly the back. There is also information on this side of the card which is nice and allows the viewer to learn about the business from both sides. The only part that can really be seen in this shot is the phone number. The number is laid out in an unconventional way, but the phone icon next to it clears up any ambiguity.

My Critique

The overlap of the lettering and the seal makes the lettering a little hard to read. It might be different when viewed head on but at this angle it’s a challenge.

Well that wraps up another Postgggame, hope you enjoyed the picks. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

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