Postgggame #008 – Gobble Gobble


Happy belated Turkey-day for those who celebrated in the US! It’s a time we reflect on all that we are thankful for. One of the things on my list is definitely Dribbble and the community around it. The work that you guys are putting out is so inspiring and elevates the entire industry.

Be sure to check out the recently renamed Postgggame bucket to see all the great shots that didn’t make it into this weeks post.


First up is a great looking Shredder by name

What I loved

When I first saw the shredding effect in Passbook I fell in love with it. It is such a fun animation that makes me want to use Passbook which is the best thing design can do for a product, make users feel compelled to use it.

This shot is a great take on the same idea but, in a less skeuomorphic way. There is something so satisfying about shedding papers and it’s awesome to bring this sense of completion to our digital documents.

Enough about the psychology behind why I think this shot is great, let’s get to the pixels! From top to bottom this is styled beautifully. The subtle inner shadow, shading and stroke on the paper all work well to make it look really nice and clean. The shredder is also done very nicely. The chrome accent is done beautifully and helps make this simple shape pop. The shredded paper coming out of the bottom looks fantastic and I love how it curls in different directions just like from a real shredder.

Lastly the “Deleting” text and spinner help make the action immediately clear to the user what is happening.

Waffle iPhone Icon

Next up is a shot by waffle iphone icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

What I loved

This iPhone app icon is so fun and looks tasty! The execution is genius, I love all the little details. The texture of the waffle looks fantastic, I’d be curious to find out how it was done if it’s from a photograph or some other process.

I love how the edge of the waffle has that little excess batter that builds up in the crack between the two irons, great attention to detail!

The syrup, alright lets talk about the syrup… Wow, this is what makes this shot for me. These super bright reflections always bump up the sexy factor! They are well-known in pictures of cars, Apple devices, and now syrup :)

Procrastination Switch

Procrastination Switch by Rodrigo Bellão

What I loved

There have been a lot of switches and coffee shots on Dribbble. This shot does a great job of mashing the two together in a creative and fun way!

Both cups look great. The empty one has really nice shadows and reflections inside. The filled one also looks awesome with the decorative foam art that baristas add. There is also a subtle reflection of the foam on the edge of the cup that is some impressive attention to detail.

My Critique

I like the use of the checker fabric, however I think the red is a little over powering. Also fabric under wood doesn’t make much real world sense so it might look better to keep the inset part of the switch wood as well.

Black Friday Packages

Last but not least in honor of tomorrow’s black friday sales we have a great shot from Black Friday Packages by JustD

What I loved

This shot is great for any sort of sale promotion. I love how the sale amounts are emphasized in both size and color: green, black, and then the mega sale as the largest in red.

The shading and styling on the bags is fantastic. The shiny exterior and paper bag interior visually look great but, also have a sense of realism in an illustrative way. The reflections of the bags on the floor and their contact shadows are a nice touch too, they really help pull the piece together and make it very cohesive.

My Critique

My only criticism is that the creases on the bags are all different and get softer as the bag size increases. I think the creases on the black bag look the best, not too hard and not too soft, and would have liked to see all the creases done in that style.

Well that wraps up another Postgggame, hope you enjoyed the picks. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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