Postgggame #010 – Double Digits


I had a great time last night with some of my fellow OC Dribbblers. SignNow, the company I lead design for, hosted a Dribbble meetup and we had a great night of pizza, beer, and talking about all things design and tech!

I’m ready and energized for this weeks Postgggame, so lets jump right in! As always, checkout the Postgggame bucket on Dribbble to see my collection of shots for this article.


First up is an insane pencil drawing titled Knight by Mike | Creative Mints

What I loved

This drawing is incredible! I love the quality of the pencil strokes, but also how the designer uses a white pen for the highlights. By drawing on brown paper, he’s able to create shadows with the pencil and highlights with the white pen. This interesting technique gives this piece so much depth.

The control that Mark shows over his tools in this work of art is breathtaking. All of the hatching is flawless.The draping of the knights’ cape is amazing, too. It’s very bold and almost looks like a mountain range, which I think is a great vibe for this guy.

Mark’s mastery of this medium is outstanding and it’s amazing to see how he translates his sketches into equally breathtaking digital works.

Baank icons

Next up is a great icon set titled Baank icons by Artua

What I loved

These icons are insanely good, but what else would you expect from Artua? Be sure to check out the full set, as all of them are of the highest quality. I particularly like the house with the Lamborghini and swimming pool, fits the banking vibe brilliantly.

All of the shading and bounce lighting on these icons are beautiful. I love the open book with the green bar graph coming out of it. The shadows on the book evident and there’s a hint of green from the bar graph bouncing onto the pages. This same effect can be seen in the box of offers icon where the purple, green, and gold badges contribute to the color of the box they’re in.

The consistent styling and colors used throughout the set make them feel very coherent despite being so different and complex.

My Critique

My only critique is on the shot composition. There are so many awesome icons in this set that I would have loved to see  in the Dribbble shot. But maybe teasing them was a good way to encourage people to checkout the attachment :)

Charge Man Poster

Next we have a great illustration titled Charge Man Poster by Andy Pitts

What I loved

Old-timey transformer, what! I love the old-timey feel of this shot. It looks like it’s right out of an old newspaper or magazine. This feel, mixed with the content, gives it a rad steam punk feel that’s so popular these days.

The line work in this shot is great. Again, it helps with the historic look and feel, and is used to great effect to create breakup in the composition. I love how the lines of the ground are broken up to form radial beams emanating from behind the engine. Having the transformer be much darker than anything else in the image really helps in stand out and drawing your eyes in to focus on him.

I particularly like this shot because “The Little Engine That Could” was one of my favorite childhood books and it looks like this engine can do whatever he damn well pleases!

Ollie makeover

Last is a revamp of the famous Ollie makeover by David Lanham

What I loved

I love Ollie, I even have the vinyl toy they released :)

The original Ollie was insane and this one is just as outstanding. I love David’s style, he makes things feel solid. His work feels semi-3D like a Pixar character, but he adds little details that make it work so well as an icon. The gloss on Ollie’s head, for example, is something you see a lot in icons so it helps convey it’s purpose as one.

The shading throughout is amazing! I love that Ollie’s head is just a circle but this simple shape gets lost in all the amazing shadowing and styling.

The beak is one of my favorite parts of this icon. I love its shape and styling. Its posing also makes Ollie look so happy and inviting. The blue jagged edges around the beak look fantastic and reemphasizes my point on David producing solid work. The edges feel connected to the beak, the shading on the nostril breaks up the large orange shape, and their shaping and depth are perfect.

Ollie’s eyes also help convey his happiness. The detail comes alive through the shading on the eyes, the hint of blue in them, and the double highlights. There’s a broad highlight for the gloss, and a pure circle highlight to make the eyes pop.

Well there you have it, knights, Lamborghinis, steam punk transformers, and Ollie! Hope you enjoyed the picks. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

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