Postgggame #012 – ‘Tis the Season


Greetings everyone, I’m sure all of you are getting ready for the holidays! Let Postgggame help with a little holiday cheer in the form of awesome Dribbble shots!

Be sure to check out my Postgggame bucket to see all the great shots picked over the week for this post.

One of my Projects

First up is a sexy iPhone interface called “One of my Projects by name

What I loved

This interface is so clean, I love it! The dark rich colors used are phenomenal and the little shadows and highlights really make the overall UI pop. I really love the timeline layout, making it immediately clear what is going on. The event icons are really nice and I love the bevel of the dot that they rest on. The line connecting them is also a nice touch to signify linear time.

The use of colors in this interface is great to help separate the different sections and create layers of content. The use of the dark section above the timeline helps differentiate it and the shadows make it feel depressed. The subtle blue in the navigation bar is a great color choice because the rest of the UI is grey scale. The bright blue button really stands out as the main action item. I really love the icon in this button, too. It looks a bit like the Twitter compose button, which I love, but it’s a bit more fun with the cartoony feather pen.

The bright red notification badge stands out well, too. The parts of the interface that should stand out do, and the rest of it looks great but doesn’t distract from the content.

Dropbox iOS app 2.0

Next up is the much-anticipated Dropbox iOS app 2.0 by name

What I loved

It had always surprised me that such a well-known company like Dropbox would have an iPhone app that used so much of the native styling. It’s awesome that the app has gotten an upgrade with its own style and it really looks good.

With such a broad user base, it was probably important for the app to not change that much and I think they have done a great job of this. The app feels very native and familiar, but the new UI elements helps brand and separate the app.


Next are some great looking icons titled Eyecons by name

What I loved

I think these icon glyphs look fantastic! The shapes are very clear and all feel like they belong to the same icon set. The main contributor to this is the use of the little notch cutout in each of the icons. These notches unify the icon set and also makes them very visually interesting. The notches are a small design decision, yet they’re what made me pick these icons for this weeks Postgggame. It’s amazing how something so small can really cause a design to stand out and catch your eye.

Illustrator Skills Icons / CS5 style

Lastly we have “Illustrator Skills Icons / CS5 style by spovv

What I loved

Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time in Photoshop and I felt that these icons were a nice rendition of the skills and tools we use to interact with our designs. These icons are really reminiscent of the Photoshop interface. The icons have a very consisted and rich feel. The strokes, shadows, and gradients are used to great effect.

My Critique

My only critique is that I think the blue should have been used in a more prominent place in the tablet icon. The consistent colors really help unify the icon set. There is blue in the tablet icon, but I am not sure what the shape is supposed to represent. I think it would work to use the blue in the pen instead.

Well that wraps up another Postgggame, hope you enjoyed the picks. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

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