Offscreen Magazine Issue #4 is Here and We’re Giving Away Copies

Offscreen Magazine issue #4, the first of 2013, is now available for order.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Offscreen Magazine is by far one of the best print publications out there. What started back in 2011 as an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, has now matured into a respected tri-annual magazine that introduces readers to the people behind the code bits and pixels we interact with on a daily basis. And the amazing part? It’s a one man operation by the Aussie-born and Berlin-based Kai Brach.

Each issue consists of core in-depth interviews with six creatives, along with other interesting sections like the logbooks, profiles, workspaces, and much more.

In this issue, we’re introduced to six more creatives who are killing it in their respective industries: “Australian surfer and CEO Dave Greiner, San Francisco based Designer Timoni West, Technical Director and bouzouki player Jeremy Keith, Tweetie and Letterpress creator Loren Brichter, New York entrepreneur Brad Smith and Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand.”


Also in this issue, Kai introduces some aesthetic changes to the prints’ bindings. The magazine itself has shrunk in size to a more book-like form factor in order to accommodate for more offscreen content. All without tipping the shipping weight bill. Not to mention, some other subtle additions here and there to add to the overall feel.

“The most notable one would be the format change. Offscreen has shrunk in size by a few centimeters and now looks a lot more like a book than a typical magazine. There are a few reasons for this change. As much as I like consistency, I really wanted to break the familiar content pattern I established over the first three issues. In order to offer more variety of content and new features, I needed more pages. Simply adding pages would not only increase the cost of the magazine, but more importantly, its weight. Going over the 500g line would have meant paying more than double the current shipping cost. Like everyone else, I hate paying for shipping.

Reducing the size allowed me to add 42 pages to the magazine without changing the price (now 154 pages all up)”.

I firmly believe in the agenda behind this print publication. It’s a welcomed break to the screen. It’s something you can hold in your hand and share with others despite an internet outage. And I won’t be surprised if five issues down the line, being the face of an issue is equated to TIME’s person of the year (congrats to our bud Brad on being the first). After all, technology is quickly leading the population to a world filled with screens. And it’s our job as creatives to ultimately shape this soon coming environment. To design these interfaces with sense and purpose. So our faces on something tangible three times a year is warmly welcomed.

This is the first time Offscreen has done this, which pivots from its former norm of having something identifiable to our niche. Yet another welcomed change.

With that said, go order yourself a pre-sale copy of issue #4 for $17.90, and snatch up the previous issues in bulk while you’re at it if you’re new to the print. There’s nothing “old” about them. Shipping starts Jan. 21st.


Now, as mentioned in the title, Kai and The Industry are doing something cool to get things rolling. We’re giving away 5 copies of issue #4 to some lucky Industry readers! The steps are super simple. Comment below and let us know which of the 6 interviews you are looking forward to reading first! Oh, and share this article on Twitter. Winners will be announced Friday via Twitter.

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