Offscreen Magazine Issue #4 is Here and We’re Giving Away Copies

Offscreen Magazine Issue #4 is Here and We’re Giving Away Copies

Jan 08, 2013 News

Offscreen Magazine issue #4, the first of 2013, is now available for order.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Offscreen Magazine is by far one of the best print publications out there. What started back in 2011 as an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, has now matured into a respected tri-annual magazine that introduces readers to the people behind the code bits and pixels we interact with on a daily basis. And the amazing part? It’s a one man operation by the Aussie-born and Berlin-based Kai Brach.

Each issue consists of core in-depth interviews with six creatives, along with other interesting sections like the logbooks, profiles, workspaces, and much more.

In this issue, we’re introduced to six more creatives who are killing it in their respective industries: “Australian surfer and CEO Dave Greiner, San Francisco based Designer Timoni West, Technical Director and bouzouki player Jeremy Keith, Tweetie and Letterpress creator Loren Brichter, New York entrepreneur Brad Smith and Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand.”


Also in this issue, Kai introduces some aesthetic changes to the prints’ bindings. The magazine itself has shrunk in size to a more book-like form factor in order to accommodate for more offscreen content. All without tipping the shipping weight bill. Not to mention, some other subtle additions here and there to add to the overall feel.

“The most notable one would be the format change. Offscreen has shrunk in size by a few centimeters and now looks a lot more like a book than a typical magazine. There are a few reasons for this change. As much as I like consistency, I really wanted to break the familiar content pattern I established over the first three issues. In order to offer more variety of content and new features, I needed more pages. Simply adding pages would not only increase the cost of the magazine, but more importantly, its weight. Going over the 500g line would have meant paying more than double the current shipping cost. Like everyone else, I hate paying for shipping.

Reducing the size allowed me to add 42 pages to the magazine without changing the price (now 154 pages all up)”.

I firmly believe in the agenda behind this print publication. It’s a welcomed break to the screen. It’s something you can hold in your hand and share with others despite an internet outage. And I won’t be surprised if five issues down the line, being the face of an issue is equated to TIME’s person of the year (congrats to our bud Brad on being the first). After all, technology is quickly leading the population to a world filled with screens. And it’s our job as creatives to ultimately shape this soon coming environment. To design these interfaces with sense and purpose. So our faces on something tangible three times a year is warmly welcomed.

This is the first time Offscreen has done this, which pivots from its former norm of having something identifiable to our niche. Yet another welcomed change.

With that said, go order yourself a pre-sale copy of issue #4 for $17.90, and snatch up the previous issues in bulk while you’re at it if you’re new to the print. There’s nothing “old” about them. Shipping starts Jan. 21st.


Now, as mentioned in the title, Kai and The Industry are doing something cool to get things rolling. We’re giving away 5 copies of issue #4 to some lucky Industry readers! The steps are super simple. Comment below and let us know which of the 6 interviews you are looking forward to reading first! Oh, and share this article on Twitter. Winners will be announced Friday via Twitter.

  • Kevin Lorenz

    Super cool giveaway! First I would read the interview from Timoni West. I’m super interested in that one ;)

  • CJ Melegrito

    I’m excited to read Loren Brichter’s interview! Apparently he built his own UI kit on top of OpenGL — which is absolutely crazy yet extemely awesome — and hopefully there’s something in there about that! Ooh, and I’d love a copy, too, haha!

  • Lukas Fingerle

    Already own the 3rd issue – great magazine. In this one I am particularly looking forward to the interview with Loren Brichter.

  • Wouter Synhaeve

    I can’t wait to read the interview with Loren Brichter

  • Elmar Haneveld

    I’m looking forward to reading the interviews with Loren Brichter and Jeremy Keith

  • Coleman Tharp

    I’m looking forward to reading the interview with Loren Britcher!

  • John Wilson

    To be honest, can’t decide which interviews I want to read most. Jeremy Keith, on one hand authored the great HTML5 for Web Designers which I refer to almost daily or Daniel Weinand, as Shopify is pretty damn brilliant for ecommerce. Guess I’d just have to read them all.

  • Samuel Couto

    Definitely looking forward to reading Timoni West and Loren Brichter’s interview. It’s always great to see and to know how independent designers/developers hassle for themselves (the best way to do things IMO!), get to know their insights and see how can we improve our own precess.
    I’m really hyped on this 4th edition.

  • Fardeem Munir

    Surely I would LOVE to read about the interview of Jeremy Keith. Other than that the interview of Loren Brichte. But I expect all of them to be fantastic!!

  • Michael

    Can’t wait to read the interview with Loren Brichter.

  • felipe rocha

    I’m excited to read the interview with Brad Smith for two reasons. The first one is that VIRB looks interesting for me. It started as a “myspace rival”, do you remember that? And they had to reinvent everything. I’m curious to know about all this process. Also, he is from NY and I want to know his view/relation with the city.

  • Ana

    Can’t wait to read the interview of Loren Brichter and Daniel Weinand!

  • Nicola Zanon

    Brand Smith for sure! The VIRB experience sholuld be really interesting!

  • Larry Smocha

    I would love to see an interview with John Siracusa of Hypercritical fame! He makes beautiful pixel creations!

  • OskarKol

    Would love to read the interview with Dave Greiner!

  • Matias Vad

    I’m really looking forward to read about Brad Smith!

  • Vince Robisch

    I’m looking forward to the Timoni West interview. I love her branding work.

  • Jacqueline Angel

    Definetely looking forward to reading the interview with Loren Brichter!

  • Geraud de LAVAL

    Just looking forward for Loren Bitcher interview. Tweetie and Letterpress and much more in one only person!

  • Kyle Plattner

    It would be so great to read Loren Brichter’s interview.

  • Jon Heller

    Loved hearing Loren Brichter on a podcast recently, would also equally love to read his interview!

  • Konrad Kolasa

    About one month ago I bought a package of 3 issues the Offscreen magazine. I realized that reading paper magazine, about people from your ‘band’, is more then just reading. I have never before felt so inspired… every time I plan to work on something amazing, I make cup of good espresso and I read few pages of this magazine. Unbelievable, how it increased my productivity and mindset. Not only the successes, but mainly lifestyle of interviewed people gives me a lot.
    So if anybody consider buying of some issue, I recommend :)
    Joining the giveaway contest, I’d love to read about Loren Brichter. This man interests me since some time. :)

  • Davy Rudolph

    Looking forward to reading my buddy Tyler Thompson’s interview. Should be a great issue.

  • Robert Fauver

    Can’t wait to read what Brad Smith has to say!

  • Martin Hartl

    Loren Brichters interview! The iOS-God

  • rosewoodat5th

    Excited to read about Loren… Been interested in the magazine since I found about it last month!

  • Will Phillips Jr

    Timoni West and Brad Smith. I’ve heard of them before and would love to learn more about them.

  • renata quintero

    I would love to read and learn from Timoni West’s experience in the design field and his thoughts on client relevance.

    • Andrew Thorp


  • Dillon White

    Looking forward to Loren Brichter’s interview

  • Brian Grellmann

    I’ve been using Virb for a while now so it’s gotta be Brad Smith!

  • Andrew Thorp

    Can’t wait to read Timoni/Jeremy, but they will all be good – no doubt.

  • Henry Moran

    Loren Brichter by far. I’ve been a fan for a while and his talent is something I look forward to reading about.

  • Rgrebeniouk

    Deffinantly Brad Smith!

  • Matt Willmott

    I’d love to read all of them as much as the next. Everyone has something valuable to teach others so I’m sure they all have something people can take away from their interview.

  • Owen McFadzen

    Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand, he is going to change the world!

  • Erik

    Most definitely Loren Brichter, because I’d always wanted to hear from a developer super hero what he does when he’s not in front of the screen.

  • parkerbennett

    Jeremy Keith and Loren Brichter — but they all sound interesting.

  • Arthur Lambillotte

    Loren Brichter

  • Rob Brogan

    I’m really curious to read Timoni West’s story. Mostly, I’m dying to see how this publication holds up to some of the “meh” design magazines I’ve tried!

  • Bryson Coles

    The Brad Smith interview – definitely. I’ve been a fan of his work since ’07 and really appreciate his approach and design. The Jeremy Keith piece looks great, as well!

  • Daniel Jacob Archer

    I want to know why Dave Greiner is flying his whole team to Fiji! Sounds like an awesome work perk!

  • Patrick Serrano

    I’m looking forward to the Loren Brichter interview as well as the Daniel Weinand interview.

  • ariel

    I’m most interested in reading either Loren Brichter or Jeremy Keith.

  • Rémy Bonnaffé

    Because his entrepreneurship is very interesting, i think I will read the interview with Brad Smith first.

  • Silvio Bompan

    Definitely Loren Brichter!

  • V

    I’d love to read the interview of Jeremy Keith

  • David Bridle

    Brad Smith. I have followed him on Twitter for a while, ever since Virb’s first version. An interesting entrepreneur.

  • Justin McCraw

    Brad Smith. I’m interested in startup philosophy and stories and his looks to be a great one.

  • Phil Nacionales

    I’m most interested in getting a look at Timoni West’s thoughts on design philosophy and changes in the client space for designers/creatives.

  • Brad Grabowski

    I am looking forward to all of them, but especially Dave Greiner. Such a Great Magazine!

  • Fabian Schultz

    Of course I’m looking forward to Loren Brichter and Timoni West!

  • Gerardo Moreno

    Brad Smith is the man. Think his services are things some people with no website design or coding experience, need.

  • karlnoelle

    Definitely reading Jeremy Keith and Brad Smith! Lovely looking issue as always.

  • Brian

    Loren hands down. The guy is just awesome

  • Bradley Griffith

    I read Offscreen to learn more about people I know little to nothing about. Im looking forward.

  • Jesse Venticinque

    Loren Brichter, hands down. Loved his interview on the Iterate podcast

  • Wade Hammes

    Definitely Loren Brichter…I need a face behind the smiley face.

  • Elliot Greenwood

    Looking forward to reading Timoni West! Looks like a great issue overall anyway!

  • Rafael

    Definitely Loren Brichter, this man is true inspiration.

  • Karl O’Brien

    Looking forward to Timoni West, love his work

  • Jessica Paoli

    I want to read Timoni West’s interview. I love reading her thoughts & experiments on her blog so a full-length interview in Offscreen is a given. Grrrrrl power.

  • Dominique Michelle

    I am simply looking forward to the whole magazine. After all, all people mentioned are inspiring me and others with their work and I’m excited to get new inspiration with the 4 issue.

  • Patrick

    Timoni West, definitely.

  • smallreflection

    Looking forward to the interview with Jeremy Keith.

  • parkermoore

    Looking forward to reading the interview with Loren Brichter – his design decisions have always intrigued me. I look forward to reading a bit more about who he is and how he approaches these sorts of things.

  • Hugo

    Loren’s, of course! I am super interested to learn all about him and his work.

  • Matt Borgo

    Am really keen on the Dave Greiner interview. Seems to have bucked the trend within the email industry (it’s ok to say “no”) and building a sustainable work/life balance… if the surfing is anything to go by!

  • Florian Harbecke

    I’d love to read the interview with Bard Smith. I am really interested about his thoughts as an entrepeneur!

  • Justin

    Really looking forward to reading Loren Brichter’s interview.

  • John J. Locke

    Hands down, I always listen to what Jeremy Keith has to say. He’s able to express big ideas on a way that doesn’t come across complex, and I appreciate that.

  • Din

    I’d like to read the interview with Loren Bricher.

  • Kirill Z.

    Loren Brichter. He has a lot to bring to the table. Also, parking lot bed.

  • Maciej Warchal

    I’d start with Timoni West’s interview. Cannot wait!

  • Auré

    Wilson miner ! This guy is a genius.

  • ariel

    Timoni West.

  • Graham Macphee

    It’s got to be Loren Britcher! His work is surpassing the design of stock iOS apps, like so many others’, almost proving the demise of extreme photorealism in UI design. The minimalist, flat design approach he took with Letterpress is quite inspiring.

  • Joseph Robert Brown

    I’m interested to read about Loren Brichter.

  • Amanda

    Would love to read Loren Brichter’s interview.

  • Nathan

    Lauren Brichter. He made a beautiful app.

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