Postgggame #014


Greetings! Man, there was a lot of awesome work to choose from for this week’s post. Be sure to check out my Postgggame bucket to see all the great shots that didn’t make it.

Facebook icon

Facebook icon by Artua

What I loved

These guys are good and this icon is great. The shading and shadowing are flawless, and the perspective makes the overall icon quite interesting. I love the indented Facebook logo on the cover and how the perspective shows off nicely that it’s letterpressed. This helps give the icon a lot of depth and dimension.

The little tab coming out the bottom of the book is a nice touch. It’s just ever so slightly translucent and is sporting the iconic thumbs-up to completely sell this as a Facebook icon.

quick bluejay on the cintiq

Next up is “quick bluejay on the cintiq by tyleR coey

What I loved

I’ve been a big fan of tyleR for a while now, I even have one of his custom skateboards on my office wall. I love this shot from him, it’s so angular and raw. These quick sketches have so much energy to them. It’s awesome to see how random lines can come together to create such a compelling piece.

Personal Portfolio iOS view

Next, Personal Portfolio iOS view by Margherita

What I loved

The colors in this shot are outstanding! I love the bright vivid colors on the dark background. The important elements jump right off of the screen. I also love how Margherita used these vibrant colors not only for the graphics, but for the top text as well.

This is a portfolio site and the top part does a really nice job of introducing Margherita with some fun text, lettering, and badges. I think the badges are a great idea and like how whimsical they appear. The rest of the site shows off Margherita’s obvious design talent so she doesn’t need to hit us over the head with some Photoshop, or Illustrator badges. She goes fun-style to give you a glimpse into her personality. Which can be equally or more important in my opinion.

My Critique

It’s hard to tell from this shot, but it seems like the text size for the descriptions of coffee and passion are a bit small and may be hard to read.

Velocity Script Color & Decor

Last is a shot titled “Velocity Script Color & Decor by Josh Doll

What I loved

This shot didn’t get too many likes, but I think it’s great! If you like, it be sure to show it some love on Dribbble.

The styling of the custom lettering is fantastic. I love the style and weight of the letters and how they interact together. I really enjoy how the cross of the “t” loops around and integrates with the “i.”

The stippling of the letter shading is a nice touch that gives it a pleasant non-digital feel. The text integrates well with the wheel, too. By showing the axle through the hole of the “o,” the rest of word feels connected. It looks like you could spin the text with the wheel.

Well folks, that wraps up another Postgggame. I hope you enjoyed this week’s picks. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

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