Televised Keeps Your TV Shows in Order

I think it would be a safe bet to say that everyone tries to be as productive as they can in their daily and weekly routines. It helps our bodies understand our patterns and in doing so our body better knows how to cope with habits such as our sleeping schedule, even if it is for short periods of time. However, we all need entertainment of some sort in our lives; whether purely for enjoyment or we’re using it as a stress relief.

Wouldn’t it be rather nice, though, to keep your entertainment in order as a way to streamline even your extra-curricular activities? Well luckily for us, there is a wonderful application by application by Robocat called Televised.

What it does

Televised is the productivity app that seems to be an oxymoron in itself; albeit a glorious oxymoron. Televised seeks to keep track of your favorite television shows in the most efficient manner possible.

Televised allows you select your favorite television series from a predetermined list (which I assume is constantly being updated) and once your shows of choice are selected, it automatically compiles a chronological order of when the next episode is airing. It also shows the most recent if episode which allows you to check it off as watched or not watched.

By presenting the series in a movie-poster format as Televised does, it gives a very visual representation of upcoming shows instead of the disaster that most TV guides are. Turning anything from a glorified excel spreadsheet into a more aesthetically pleasing interaction is a great start to solving a problem and Robocat did just that (and obviously more).

When you tap on the poster for the series, you are presented with few things. The first is the title of the episode, followed by the season and episode number, with the next show time showing just below that; and even next to that is the network that it airs on. Below all of that information you are presented with a summary of the episode. Don’t worry though if you’re worried about spoilers, as they were even brilliant enough to implement a feature in the settings that allows you to turn off potential spoilers. That feature alone makes me appreciate the thought that went into this app.

Underneath the information they provide as mentioned above, there are three buttons that will assist you and your followers across various social sites to stay informed and up to date with the latest episodes. The first button is a direct link to the series IMDB page in case you couldn’t quite figure out why that specific character looks so familiar. Below that is a button that allows you to check it as watched so you know what was the latest episode you have viewed. The last button in the queue is a share button that brings up iOS’ social sheet to share the specific series with your friends – they made it dynamic so depending on whether or not you’ve watched the show, the post will be different.

The one feature that turns Televised into a productivity app of sorts is instead of just cataloging your shows and having a nice-looking database, they’ve included a notification feature. If you’re as into television shows as many are, the last thing you want to do is miss the upcoming episode because you were side-tracked. You set the parameter as to how far in advance you want to be notified and you’ll receive a nice little push notification to remind you the next episode of Downton Abbey is starting in fifteen; you need to get that Earl Grey steeping ahead of time, after all.


Coming in at $1.99, Televised for the iPhone may not be worth it in everyone’s book. However, if you have a plethora of television series to keep up with and enjoy being an organized and productive individual, Televised will be just what you’re looking for.

Give it a download and get those notifications prepared while I check when the next How It’s Made is on. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below as I have a feeling there will be rather mixed opinions on the usefulness of such app with capabilities such as DVR.

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