Seesaw Launches: Opinions From Friends When You Need Them Most

Seesaw, a new app from the founders of CoTweet (our good friends Aaron Gotwalt and Sam Soffes are part of the team there), is attempting to make complicated decision-making so much easier, wherever you are, and whatever you’re asking.

At some point during the day, we all have to make a decision of some sort. It might be something as simple as what we’re going to eat for lunch, what shirt to wear today, or something more important, such as what car to buy. There’s no doubt that most of us would ask our friends their opinion, but why waste so much time emailing, Facebook-ing, and text messaging everyone, only to be inundated with messages from all the different communication outlets?

The basic idea of Seesaw is this: you take a picture of one or more items and ask your friends a ‘this or that’ question, or a ‘yes or no’ question, and they respond with their votes. You can see the votes pile up to help you decide, and you and your friends can comment on what you’ve posted. It’s a simple and easy way to get feedback from your friends right away.

Seesaw isn’t only a great concept, it’s also a beautiful app. The soft look of the buttons, and the slightly pressed text gives it a friendly feel, without overwhelming the user. The tab bar in the app is laid out a lot like Instagram’s, with a main center (or keystone) tab to add a new decision for your friends to vote on. The landing page shares the great design of the app, and there’s even a ‘Featured’ section which highlights decisions from certain users.

There are a few things Seesaw does which I think are going to change the way we use websites and iOS apps in the future. To create a Seesaw account, you don’t need a password. Instead, you just use your phone number. This is a great idea which should have been in a lot more mobile apps from the start. It also works beautifully on the web – just tap the link sent to your phone to login on your desktop browser.

The only gripe I have with Seesaw right now is that you can’t find your Twitter or Facebook friends from within the app. The founders say that feature is coming soon (although in my opinion it should have been there from the start). Other than that, Seesaw is the best way to get feedback on your decisions right away, something which we all need at some point.

I highly recommend you go download the app, and check out the beautifully designed Seesaw homepage and logo.

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