#36: Bobby Ghoshal – 10x more refocusing, product/market fit, mpost and the future of email

#36: Bobby Ghoshal – 10x more refocusing, product/market fit, mpost and the future of email

Feb 18, 2013 Podcast

Adam, Drew and Jared are joined by special guest Bobby Ghoshal Cofounder at Flud News. We caught up on topics from The Industry, pivoting, 10x more refocusing, gaining product/market fit, Drew’s mpost and discussions about the future of email, Mailbox and much, much more!

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  • Joe Anderson

    Really liked this podcast, particularly the quick discussion on mpost. I’ve transcribed it here:

    They made email in 1981 and that protocol was different than HTTP that the internet runs on. But both of them were made for one small purpose. Internet — let’s have a way for all the universities to connect and share papers. Email — a way to connect w/ electronic messages. Because the ideas are so simple they are wide open.

    I wonder if the reason that it hasn’t changed is because it’s hard to version email. There’s no way to backwards compatible it. -Adam

    Mpost could be backwards compatible by following the same protocols as SMTP or whatever you are using, and then add layers on top of that. So like with Mpost we were going to add the social graph on top of it.

    So the way email works right now is a server pings another server says hey theres a message for you so that server goes and picks it up. Im sorry, the server just pushes out messages to every server, and the email servers just grabs that message and stores it, and then shows it to the users. That’s why spam is such a big deal, with mpost we were going to have it that way so that a server pings another server, and that server knows the social graph of the person, and says “hey, does this guy even know this guy and that kind of thing”, then based on your settings it won’t even go pick up the message. Almost literally completely eliminating spam if you set your privacy settings. And then right now email is distributed, there is no central email server. So when someone from hotmail sends a message, it goes out to all the different servers that user account is at. So there is no central email server and that’s how this mpost would work. And so with every message sent, that person’s social graph is sent out as well, like who you know that kind of thing. And then what you can do with that is a ton of interesting things because now theres no central twitter, no central pinterest of like who’s following who, there’s this decentralized way to know who this person knows, and every application can use that, and there’s no single entity owning that. And it would completely get away for needing every other app on the planet to come out with their own follower, following database.

    Would love to learn more about it and possibly do or see a blog post about it

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