Currency is a well designed currency converter for iPhone

Recently, I travelled overseas. Figuring out how much something was worth in Great British Pounds versus US Dollars was quite challenging with the exchange rate fluctuating daily. Instead of calculating everything in my head, I just used Currency, a great app by Simple Simple. It lets you convert any amount of money up to nine figures, to over 160 different currencies around the world. It also shows a chart of the exchange rate over the last six months, letting you know if you’re getting the best rate through your bank or elsewhere.


Currency was designed by Alex Penny and developed by Matt Davenport of Simple Simple. I’ve been a fan of Alex’s designs for a while, and Currency is no exception. The whole interface has a soft, friendly feel to it, and even the flags for each country have been tweaked to share the pastel look of the other elements. Interacting with the app is a smooth experience, since you can easily swipe to clear a field, and to see the chart of each exchange rate’s history. The small touches such as the falling away of each number as you swipe across the field show how well thought out the app is (a lot of the interactions reminded me of Letterpress). Sound effects wouldn’t feel out-of-place here, but to the relief of some, they are absent.


Currency works just as it should. The exchange rates update so quickly you barely notice, and the calculations are as fast as any other. I haven’t found the limit of how many currencies you can convert to simultaneously, which I suppose is a good thing (although you can see them at the same time because of the spacing between each cell in the table view). The app also works offline, and updates the current exchange rate every time you connect (a useful addition when you haven’t bought a local SIM yet). As for performance, I didn’t notice any lag in the app, and it hasn’t crashed on me once.


If you travel at least once a year internationally, I guarantee you’ll find a use for Currency. And if you don’t, you may need it to figure out how much it is to buy something online that’s only offered in a certain currency. I highly recommend this app not only for its well-thought-out design, but also for its solid functionality and overall usefulness. Grab it for a special introductory price of $0.99┬átoday!

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