Landcam is a simple, but powerful photo editor for iPhone

There are countless photo apps on the App Store today, many of which offer filters and various effects that make them unique. Today I’d like to introduce a new app called Landcam from Simple Simple, the team who brought us Currency. They believe that the killer combination of simplicity and a solid feature set will prove to be successful. But why build another photo app, to add to the thousands already available?

We built Landcam because our iPhones were overflowing with photo editing apps. Rather than sending photos around to multiple different apps to edit and polish photos, we wanted to streamline the mobile workflow to one simple interface. Built with speed in mind, Landcam works quickly for all your editing on the go.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open Landcam is it’s simplicity. The camera view is similar to VSCO Cam’s in its layout, but the icons are crafted with care – I especially like the pulsing focus ring. Landcam’s camera doesn’t offer as many shooting features as Camera+ or KitCam do, but it does add separate focus and exposure control as well as double exposures (although you can’t adjust the opacity levels of each individual exposure). Once you take a picture (or select one from the Camera Roll), you’re prompted to crop it to a square shape, since Landcam only works with square images.

Landcam’s greatest strength lies in its editing features. It includes over 30 filters, but they’re organized by color so they don’t feel overwhelming. If you want to make fine adjustments to your photo, you have multiple options available, with brightness, contrast, grain, and exposure settings available. You can also add more than 100 different effects such as light leaks, textures, vignettes, frames, and even text. The array of features present might seem inordinate when written here, but the way they’re presented is quite intuitive.

Once you’ve manipulated your photo to your liking, you can share it with Instagram (of course), Facebook, or Twitter, or send it in an email. You can also open it in another app via iOS’ share sheet, such as Dropbox or Tumblr, if you have those apps installed.

I highly recommend you download Landcam if you use any photo editing apps, not only because of its wide array of features, but because of its price. At only $0.99, it’s a great deal.

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