Sketch Mirror – Live Preview Designs on Your iOS Devices

When it comes to developing and designing, one of the greatest additions to a workflow is the ability to rapidly design, preview, and tweak what the final design of a website, interaction or application will look like on a specific device. Live previews are the ultimate solution, but up until now there have been few apps which utilize this potential; even fewer of which aren’t made by third parties. And while proprietary isn’t always the best option, such integration will almost always provide a more fluid experience.

With both live-previewing and fluid experience in mind, the Bohemian Coding team took it upon themselves to develop a companion iOS app for their app Sketch, aptly titled Sketch Mirror.

Available for download now in the iOS App Store, Sketch Mirror connects to the Sketch Mac app to offer live-previews to the devices you’re working on designing for within their Sketch Mac app.

Sketch Mirror is in it’s first public iteration, so there are sure to me more updates to come, but there are already two great features integrated into Sketch Mirror. The first of said features is the inclusion of navigational swiping, which allows you to switch between artboards and pages within your Sketch document via the device you’re live-previewing it on.

The second is the ability to set up multiple devices, meaning if you’re working on ‘1x’ and ‘2x’ displays, you can pixel-tweak to your hearts content. Another valuable use of multiple devices is to see a live-preview of your design across an iPad and iPhone, making universal app designing much more manageable.

We all enjoy an easier workflow and when tools such as Sketch Mirror come to life, I can’t help put be even more excited to get working, as the time from idea to final product is shortened. Nothing is better than seeing your design in it’s final form and being able to make live-tweaks for pixel-perfect designs.

Although I don’t have any final app or website designs in Sketch, I’ve been playing around with the Sketch Mirror for some personal work and it’s quick. Really quick. I’m excited to continue using it and seeing what else Bohemian Coding implements into it. The one thing I would really like to see is the ability to link layers to certain elements, creating a more thorough prototyping tool a la [Flinto](

Give Sketch Mirror a download in the iOS App Store, as it’s only the price of a venti at Starbucks, coming in at $4.99.

Let us know your thoughts if you’ve been playing around with it or once you’ve downloaded and spent some time with it. What features/utilities would you like to see in the next version of Sketch Mirror? Leave it in the comments, shoot a tweet our way, or – one of my personal favourites – post a little linkblog post and add your own commentary. We’re a community, right? Then let’s get sharing and talking to each other like one.

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