So, hello again.

We’re back.

Why did you leave?

We started to suck. We wanted to stop sucking. So we bowed out slowly. We were married to the idea of quality over quantity. To the concept of being the voice of the creative community, only saying what needed to be said. But then we dwindled. Numbers became a priority and any story became acceptable. We lost our focus, our way.

When did you decide to come back?

When we were reminded of who we once were and what we did. The Industry was founded to shed light on the creativity that would otherwise go unnoticed. And for the most part, we stuck to the core mission until we tried doing other things.

But you never know how valuable someone or something is until it’s not there anymore. During the absence of both our blog and podcast, many reached out to us asking for our return. Those constant “pings” served as continuous reminders to us of our relevance. We had offered something that was truly appreciated.

But that wasn’t enough. We weren’t going to return only because people wanted us to. If we were going to come back, it had to be because we wanted to.

That came when we were reminded of the joy we felt being part of innovation and the fun we had covering it. We’re all sworn to a common goal – betterment. Whether it be through interfaces or infrastructures, we build and ship with a cause. And The Industry was there to write about it.

We missed that, so we decided to come back quickly.

How did you come back?

We believed that step #1 was opening Photoshop. But it was that belief that delayed our return. We were convinced that a new look was all we needed. But it wasn’t until months and months had passed that we realized our return was being blocked by us not understanding the root of our departure. Pixels weren’t the issue – we were. We even called the new design Industry 2.0 when we hadn’t fulfilled 1.0’s mission.

It wasn’t a redesign that would change us, it was us that would change us. We scraped the redesign initiative, took a step back and asked ourselves who we once were and how we had lost our way. When we figured that out, the wheels started turning. We reexamined, we redefined, and we finally redesigned.

What are you now?

Welcome to The Industry 1.0. This is the “us” we envisioned back on December 12th, 2011 when it all started. We’re older, faster, and wiser. We want to cover the creative community for you. And that’s all we want to do.

We’re going to do this by only saying what needs to be said and we’re going to say them twice a day – a morning and an evening article. We’re sticking to our four categories: news (the latest in the design world), reviews (product breakdowns and walkthroughs), interviews (what we can learn from someone who’s done it before), and opinions (discussions we should be having).


We’re a community of believers. A collective group of individuals who believe in man’s innate ability to create, shape, and mold the world around us. To fill it with meaningful things that will benefit us now and in the future, whether they be physical or digital. We don’t discriminate between ourselves. The pixel-pushers and the code-deployers both create. Because without one, there’d be no need for the other.

It has been our pleasure to serve this community for the past two years as the story-tellers of what we do. Of those you tirelessly create to make the load on someone else that much lighter. Of those who create to bring smiles to people’s faces by connecting loved ones who are separated by seas. And of those who create, well, to simply create.

With that said, continue to design and code. Continue to build new things, better things. Continue to seek out areas of improvement. You do this and The Industry will continue to cover you.

To our team who dedicated themselves to a cause without guarantee of a return, thank you. To the companies and products who keep the lights on, either via our blog or podcast, thank you. And to our readers, those who make what we do meaningful, thank you.

We were married to the idea of quality over quantity. To the concept of being the voice of the creative community, only saying what needed to be said. Now we’re back at it.

So, hello again.

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