Hoefler Responds

There are always two sides to every story. Yesterday, we all learned of  Tobias Frere-Jones’ lawsuit against his former type parter, Jonathan Hoefler. The grounds? Give back the 50% of the company that he was promised. The news was delivered and the people were shocked. “It’s like when your parents plan to divorce,” many said.

However, it was quite apparent in the lawsuit file that the story was completely one-sided. When describing the accomplishments of the plaintiff and the defendant, Frere-Jones was held in high esteem whereas Hoefler was left to a mere “type designer and business man.” Not to mention, the 15 years it took for Frere-Jones to speak out legally.

Now Hoefler responds

Today, H&FJ published an official response to yesterday’s news on their press page. And although written by General Counsel, Michael Burke, it’s clearly also the position of Hoefler. Defense. It’s not descriptive or lengthy, but it does get its points across.

1) Frere-Jones was referred to as an “longtime employee” in the first line of the official response.

2) Frere-Jones “decided to leave the company. With Tobias’s departure, the company founded by Jonathan Hoefler in 1989 will become known as Hoefler & Co.” H&FJ is no more. Yesterday was the plan to divorce, here’s the actual thing.

3) It seems that the lawsuit was filed after his departure from the type foundry.

4) Frere-Jones allegations against Hoefler were “not the facts, and they profoundly misrepresent Tobias’s relationship with both the company and Jonathan.”

5) The newly named company plans to defend itself in court against the allegations, which “are false and without legal merit.”

6) And the one that applies to us most. The company will go on. And although under a different name, the output will be the same – high quality. Hopefully this will hold true. No more typos, please.


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